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New Products Found Wk21 2017

by Sam Pope

Please find below details of some of the new products found in the stores we visited this week:

Peaches Flat X7
Physalis 100g
Mango R&R 1.2kg
Tomatoes Vine 450g
Tomatoes Mixed Organic 200g
Tomatoes Vine Value X4
Sweet & Crunchy Salad Florette 200g
Beetroot & Goats Cheese Salad Bowl 260g
Quinoa & Pomegranate Salad Bowl 200g
Gem X4
Asparagus White 200g
Broccoli T/Stem 220g
Asparagus Premium 100g
Garlic Cloves Peeled 50g
Garlic Organic X3

Nectarines ea
Vegetable Couscous Bowl 200g
Feta & Squash Butternut Salad Bowl 110g
Mozzarella & Flower Blossom Salad Bowl 130g
Courgettes Parmesan Crumb 370g

Taylors Gold R&R Premium X4
Blueberries 125g
Mixed Salad Florette 180g

For a full list of all new products found, please see our e-newsletter or click here.