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New Products Found Wk25 2017

by Sam Pope

Please find below details of some of the new products found in the stores we visited this week:

Gooseberries 400g
Peaches White Flesh Flat X4
Cherries King 250g
Melon Charentais ea
Melon Tangy Twist ea
Mango Premium ea
Egg & Spinach Protein Pot 100g
Vegetable Medley 280g
Babycorn Organic 125g
Jersey Royal Potatoes 1.5kg

Raspberries Premium 125g
Oranges Misshaped X5
Mint 70g
Spring Onions Misshaped 175g
Courgettes Misshaped X3
Green Vegetable Medley Premium 180g

Blueberries Premium 125g
Lemons ea
Tangerines 600g
Peas Garden 500g

For a full list of all new products found, please see our e-newsletter or click here.